Ferns and Petals

A collection of my favourite floral paintings.

If you know me, you know how much I love plants and they always inspire me to paint. If I want to understand how a medium works or if I want to test a surface, I always paint florals. In fact, when I first started my artistic journey three years ago, I began by blending florals with calligraphy. My style has evolved throughout time.

I am sharing some of my favourites:

  1. I painted this watercolour bouquet to learn how to paint with this complicated medium and to try out some new paints that I had received as a present.

  1. I was working on some illustrations for T-shirt prints and succulents would be perfect for this.

A process video of Potted Succulents painting:

  1. A bouquet shaped painting that can be used in collage artworks. I liked to stick cut-outs like these in my art journal.

  1. I love this one as these flowers have grown out of a concrete wall and it is a symbol of hope. This artwork is now on display at Mumbai University's Department of Applied Psychology, where I earned my Master's degree.

A process video of Hopeful Weeds painting:

  1. Painted something simple, aesthetic and beautiful. I used poster paints with masking tape to get these neat edges. Note: I waited for my rose plant to bloom to click this picture.

A process video of one of them:

  1. A sketchbook flip-through of some more flowers. I use this mini journal to relax and just paint for fun.

  1. I painted this for testing out masking fluid which is used to preserve the whites of the paper when painting with watercolours. It can be erased after drying and I love how this works so well. I added some more details with a drawing nib/dip pen.

A short process video of Vibrant Flowers painting:

Happy Creating.

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