The Awakening of Buddha: A painting

A mixed-media artwork

I created another Buddha painting with a similar colour scheme as my previous one. “The Awakening of Buddha” is a mixed media artwork with special 3D stone effect.

A mixed media painting is one that combines different art mediums and it can include absolutely anything like inks, magazines, paints, etc. I had much more freedom because I was not bound to just acrylics. For this particular painting, I experimented with copper leaf by glueing it to the monochrome acrylic painting. To blend the copper leaf, I used mica pigments along with acrylic binders to give a matte effect. I wanted an ancient stone look for which I used a special Stone Texture paste by Itsy Bitsy which gave a 3-D look to the entire painting. The paste is semi-liquid and it dries hard. It gives a raised up texture depending on the thickness of the application.

I enjoy painting Buddhas because they allow me to express myself through abstract shapes and dramatic colour schemes. I made use of broad flat brush strokes as I like to create bold expressions.

It was a challenging task to photograph this. I went to a few professionals to get a shot, but none of them were able to capture the viridian green pop and many other details. I considered printing this one, but without the pop, it doesn't even come close to representing the artwork. I believe the buyer is fortunate to own a one-of-a-kind painting.

I have tried my best to capture a photograph that closely represents the real painting.

Materials used: cotton canvas, viridian green, black, white, bronze pigment, copper leaf, stone texture paste and acrylic mediums.

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