The Golden Enlightenment: A Buddha Painting

Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf

“The Golden Enlightenment”, a Buddha painting that will always be close to my heart. I was in a state of flow while painting this, a mental state in which I was completely present and fully immersed in the act of painting. As the colours came together, I felt at peace.

I knew exactly what I wanted in this piece right from the beginning, this is unusual for me as I never plan my paintings but I did plan this one. I chose a limited colour palette: prussian blue, emerald green, payne’s grey, titanium white and copper. I added layers and layers to achieve an ancient-like texture. I also added gold leaf as a symbol of enlightenment. The copper really stands out on blues and greens. So far, I have rarely used metallic paints, but I’m so pleased with how this turned out that I will definitely add them to my colour palette.

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