A collection of Buddha paintings

My explorations of various colour schemes and modern art techniques.

This painting is special to me since it marks the beginning of my fine art career, as it is my first international sale. This one found its home in the USA and it made me believe that it is possible to earn through art. I painted because I loved to, after making a sale, I took it seriously.

After a few months, I also received an order for a recreation and believe me, recreating something with abstract strokes is a challenge but it is always better.

The colour scheme and the shape was inspired by a poster that I found on Pinterest. You can also check out a short process video I made for this.

This painting inspired and motivated me to paint Buddha in different colour schemes. Here’s another Buddha painting that I named Nirvana. I tried out a variety of abstract techniques here. I believe this one is much more raw representing our struggles and how we overcome them with more self-awareness.

Some more Buddha paintings:

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Happy Creating.

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