That's an interesting set of events, I hope you are okay. After reading the entire thing, it makes me wonder what the painting you were making looked like, do share if possible. Lots of love and support 💕

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Kruti, you are the epitome of creativity! I adore you and your work. Your work and your reflections of it always boost my creative confidence SO much. Today on Instagram after seeing your paintings I was left wondering whether you're taking photos in a art gallery (not because I couldn't believe you making these pieces, but just because these felt a bit different from your usual style)

I am so so so happy that you decided to create for YOURSELF! It shows man, its so evident. The painting looks exactly like a cathartic outbreak of an artists creativity. These paintings are something else, truly. You're one of a kind Kruti. I am your fan for life.

Sending you so much love Kruti and thank you for the shout-out. It always feel special but coming from you, my most favourite artist it just feels like an achievement. Hugs and love.

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